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The story of Tihany   
Balaton is Europe’s greatest shallow lake – it was formed by tectonic swales about 25 tousand years ago. The Tihanyi peninsula reaches towards the other side of the lake dividing it to two coves. The two gigantic calderas shows that the mediterranean land’s rugged look was formerly shaped by powerful volcanic activities millions of years ago. In the remnants of these craters two still lakes were formed both of them having a higher water level than Balaton.

The inner and the outer lake, the inner one is the most favoured by fisherman while the outer one is the paradise of waterfowl. The volcanic after effects formed more than a hundred ascending geysers on the territory of the pensiula. The most beautiful among these is the “Golden house” (Aranyház) which’s white rocks are being covered by lichen in sunlight.

The geological landmarks aren’t the only interesting things here. The land was announced as landscape protection area (in 1952 for the first time in Hungary) because it is the sacred home of rare plants and animals. The archaeological artifacts found on the pensiula prove that back in the palaeolithic era mankind has already set food on the land of Balaton. People of the metal age iron age and the roman age exceptionally liked this safe area. The romans named Balaton “Lacus Pelso” they have also built a crossing point.

I. András has built the first royal burial grounds and above it he built a monastery which he filled with Benedictine monks during the medieval period in 1055. With this the life of the Benedictine abbey has begun. The convent of the abbey was known as an authentic place to fill out diplomas from the 13th century.

The monastery was built up into a castle that has been destroyed during the wars against Turkey in the 16th century but 200 years later it was rebuilt in Baroque style ever since that the castle was the signature of Tihany. A few years ago the Benedictine monks gained back their ownership over the monastery with the new duty of running the Benedictine abbey’s museum.

Tihany is not only Balaton’s but Hungary’s proud pearl as well that has been geting visited by tourists since 1960. It’s unresitible power of attraction lies within the historical and cultural relics and the unique natural enviroment with the refreshing holiday that Balaton can give to you.

A lifetime experience at Balaton and the pensiula of Tihany

Spend a wonderful weekend with your family or friends at the at Hungary’s greatest lake Balaton . We recommend you to visit the pensiula of Tihany. Here evry building has kept it’s ancient look. A few places to see: the Baroque temple the Benedictine abbey or musems and last but not least the twisty streets filled with lively shops and markets (Barokk templom, Bencés apátság).

Come and spend an unforgetable holiday in Hungary in the Villa Alexander.

The Villa Alexander can be found in the gorgeous land of Tihany with only 3 minutes of walk from the abbey and other attractions.  In the hotel you will find an enchanting panorama completly unique historical buildings and 8 romantic individual rooms perfect to spend a calm and delightful night. Evry room is designed with furniture brought to you by excellent carpenters.

The soft climate of Balaton ensures most of us of spending a graceful time.

The Villa Alexander will grant you a convinent place to stay for everyone.

Taste the highest quality traditional hungarian foods.

Drop by the Bolotonskie wine cellar.

There is an opprotunity to hunt or observe wild animals.

Furthermore we can lend you all the needed equipment to fish in the lake with 25 fish speices living in it.

For our guests we will organize special horse tours that will allow them to see the whole land from the top of a horse car.


We will grant you a lifetime experience at Balaton if you stay in the Villa Alexander!